I know I know I know! I'm so behind

I don't know where life is going!  It is ZOOMING by 4 million miles an hour.  There are so many things and changes and happenings that have taken place in the last 5 months. 

It is crazy--it just 5 months, we have done so much!  It is both awesome and amazing, this thing we call LIFE.  We must enjoy every minute of it.  Somehow!

 Opa had a birthday.

 My yard hates winter and looks forward to spring!
My kids are still  goofy, cute, fun and amaze me daily!
Correction:  SUPER goofy!

Rookie and the boys went to a Mariners game!

We had Easter on Nana & Paca's farm.  It was a beautiful day, but kind of sucky.  Three days before this, we found out my brother has Stage 4 Lymphoma.  Cancer sucks.  There is no other word for it.  This is blog worthy--I just didn't!

Easter Egg hunt.

I had a birthday (my 31st--for the 11th time!)
I love my new camera--having fun with it!

 My yard does not suck as bad any more!
 My strawberries boomed this year...just went CRAZY (but we only got to eat a few--because we were in Yellowstone during their PEAK!)   

The boys played baseball in the spring and LOVED it...more than they have ever loved any other sport we've introduced them to. 

  He's outstanding!  (...in the field)!!!  Baseball is blog worthy--I just didn't!

My garden boxes are awesome, and the broccoli was even better.  It was so good, Rookie didn't believe that it was from our garden when I served it to him for dinner! 

I got a new wine rack...love it.  But also discovered I have a "sulfite sensitivity" which means wine and me don't get along.  (...or shrimp, or crab, or margarita mixes, etc. etc. etc.)

We went to Manzanita Beach at Spring Break--this trip is blog worthy--I just didn't!

We had great, wonderful family time! I treasure these times!

T "graduated" from elementary school---yikes oh yikes!

 My yard is looking great.  It loves the summer!

I am still loving my camera!

My brother turned 40.  We went bowling and played mini-golf for his birthday.   He has started Chemo, and his tumors are shrinking.  He physically feels (and looks) better than he has in months.

We went to Yellowstone...this is definitely blog worthy...and perhaps I will! 

God is ever-present in our lives and continues to bless us in many ways.  I must remember this and be humble and thankful for all He graces us with.

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