Legos & Barefeet = not a happy couple

If you have Legos around your house, you know what I'm talking about. 

Legos are everywhere.  (I feel something Dr. Suess-ish coming on!)
They are on the floor.
They are by the door.
They are in the bath.
They are in the cat. (not really...we don't even have a cat!)
They are underfoot.
They are under beds.

AND...they multiply at night (or after Christmas and Birthdays).

Not that I'm complaining.  I'm really not.  My kids LOVE Legos, and they have the very best time with them and make the most wonderful creations.  It is imagination usage to the max. 

However, it's a fact: Legos are everywhere. 

I'm tired of stepping on them, or WORSE, trying to avoid stepping on them, only to twist my ankle or tweak my back in some Mission Impossible poses to avoid the land mine piles of Legos that plague my upstairs. 

So one bored day over Christmas Break I decided that Ry and I should whip up a Lego Table out of some scrap wood in the garage in an attempt to get the Legos off the floor!  (HAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahaha)

Pile #1--the Legs

Pile #2 - the Table Top
Now, I missed a few steps in my photography here, because frankly, I didn't think we'd whip it out SOOOO fast.  We're talking an hour.  That includes getting the chop saw and electric sander out.

I let Ry do most everything, except chop with the saw.  He sanded, drilled, filled holes with wood spackle, designed the logo on top (to look like a giant Lego--his idea) AND I even let him stain.  I did have to talk him out of wanting to stain it RED, however.
It has a few quirks here and there, but for THREE whole days it served it's purpose.  It kept the Legos up off the floor and created a walkable space in the playroom!  It was a short lived blissdom.  If I took a picture today (almost a month and a half later), you wouldn't be able to see the table!

I mean look that this killer Lego City.  So fun!
And look at the happy couple--they are happy!  No more stepping on Legos!

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