March Madness

March Madness could mean ANYTHING! 

It could mean:  "I am sick and tired of winter, give me SUN!"
It could mean:  "I am sick and tired of my dirty car and sloppy, wet car-mats, give me SUN!"
It could mean:  "I am sick and tired of the plants in my yard looking dead and brown, give me SUN!"
It could mean:  "It's March and I'm going mad!

But around here, it doesn't mean any of those things.  It means my husband is going mad....for basketball.   March Madness specifically refers to NCAA College Men's Basketball tournament--and even more specifically the first 4 days of of the tournament.   48 games in 4 days! 

He lives for this time of year almost more than the births of his own children.  *eyeroll*

He and his friend, Chris, plan for this weekend MONTHS before it's even here.  They barely tolerate Christmas because it means they can officially start talking about "March Madness"!   They plan food, drinks, where and how they are going to sit.  They even plan what shirts they'll wear according to who's playing that day!  AND THEN THEY DO NOT MOVE FROM THE COUCH UNLESS THEY HAVE TO! (It's mad!)

Rookie had to "prep" the living room--not with ONE TV--but TWO!!!!

The house is primed with basketball decor!

Brackets are hung!!   (I got new camera for my birthday--and it's NICE...however--I can't rotate the pictures--they keep going back to lateral!!!  Annoying--but you get the idea!)

The freezer is stocked with all kinds of "toaster oven friendly" foods.  Because no dishes can be cleaned, or time can be wasted waiting for food.

Other snacks are readied in massive, Costco quanities!

Mojitos are made (for me)!  They drink yuckier stuff...like Crown Royal and Coke--blech!

 Luckily for me--March Madness does also mean SPRING is in the air and right around the corner!

Unlucky for me...this goes on every weekend until April 2nd!!!

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  1. lol; i love that the TV pick is Obama doing the brackets!