I love chalk board paint

Let me rephrase that!!!  I L.O.V.E chalkboard paint. 

First of all--it's is SOOO forgiving!  No perfection in its application needed (score for me!)
Second of all--you can do so many cool things with it!
Third of all--you can do SOOOO many cool things with it! 

My friend Jenny @ jennyonthespot.com did this:

   Happy 40th!

And last Spring, Rookie and I made a chalk board for the kitchen (....it's a cruddy photo from my phone)


However--this post is about my recent project!!!

My friend Stacey, who recently moved to Portland last summer, (I think it's finally sinking in that she has moved.  She was my one mom friend who'd I go have coffee with in the middle of the day for no reason and before you know it, we'd have pissed away 3.5 hours gossiping about everyone talking about world matters and crucial topics!  I miss that!  And, yes, part of it is now I have 3.5 extra hours to try and figure out what to do so that I don't have to do all my stupid household chores--curse you never-ending laundry/dishes/dusting jobs!)

Anyway, back to my friend Stacey--because she was moving, she had some PURGING to do.  One of the items I scored was an old fashion style snow sled.  I think it might have been Jason's (her honey) and he would probably not appreciate what I've done with it (because he's from Maine and he probably had to ride it to and from school or the grocery store full of fur pelts and supplies in the dead of winter in freezing, frigid Maine).  But maybe not. 

I knew exactly what I was going to do with it once I got it! 

You guessed it, use chalkboard paint and turn it into a message board for the front porch!!! 

Cool right???

First my honey had to do some minor repairs (...damage probably accrued while lugging fur pelts and lamp oil in Maine in the olden days).  
 I can do repairs, but sometimes I just don't like dealing with having to get out (and WORSE, putting away) tools.  I wish i could have a HUGE warehouse where everything could be left out ALL the time.  If I want a hammer and nail--I would walk over there--and it would just being laying there for me--if I wanted to sand some wood--it would be in another area.  If I needed a drill--it would be laying out ready for my use in another area.  And the best part would be that I never have to put them away!!!  What a dream!

I digress. 

Here's my finished project.  I LOVE how it turned out.  I wish I had better penmanship--but you get the idea.
 My "Winter" Porch! 

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