GIANT Gingerbread men!

For as long as I can remember, the boys and I (sometimes, but rarely, Rookie) decorate a Gingerbread House(s) at Christmas.  It is always fun, and they are always *beautiful* and they always sit around my house tempting little boys to naw on them and break their teeth off on petrified candy pieces.  Last year was special doing it with our friends the Denney's and the Lovett's.  But this year (again, the Hawaii trip screwed everything up) we didn't have time to do them!
We did, however, find these bad boys at Trader Joe's!  AWESOME! 

Giant Gingerbread men...complete with all the things you need to decorate them!

Are you kidding me?!?!  14" in Gingerbread awesome-ness!

Trey did have to sample the goods (thus the missing limbs) but Ry wanted to SAVE his, so it was PERFECT for the Reindeer!  How sweet of him!! 
And as always, we leave them out for Santa's Reindeer on Christmas Eve with some Carrots and love!  Several years ago, Santa's reindeer's had a helper in the form of a HUGE Raccoon who came up on our porch...oggly - moogly!  

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