Reindeer Games

Weeks before Christmas (before Thanksgiving even) I came across this website that made me want to host Christmas Dinner at my house and invite BOTH sides of the family.  (Plus it saves us from having to be in the car for 5 hours on a Christmas day when the kids--and we--just want to be at home)
Her blog filled my head with grandiose ideas and visions of fun and awesome-ness about family holidays, much the way a good movie does.  You know where you say to yourself, "why can't my family be that way?"  Well, because it's Hollywood and it's all fake.  But this website I stumbled across, because of Pintrest--by the way--gave me ideas and hope of the perfect Christmas Holiday!
So---here it goes! 

I got Rookie on board with my ideas of Reindeer Games--we had all kinds of games planned (all stolen ideas from above mentioned website) and we were EXCITED!  Between both sides of the family--extended and everything--we would have 21 people--8 kids, 13 adults!  Sweet!  We could do this. 

However, once Christmas got closer, it all fell apart.  :-(   
I know--right? 

Heavy sigh.  
Rookie's Mom was pretty excited about it (actually super excited, like trying to get out of me what the games were going to be so she could practice them)...and his sister and her kids were excited about it--but the excitement petered out in all other branches of the family.  Then other peoples plans changed, people were sick and the day did not have the Hollywood ending I was envisioning. 

Rookie says I always do this to myself--have these expectations in my head, and then if they don't come through to fruition exactly the way i see them happening, then I'm disappointed. 

Whatever, Dr. Phil!


It's Christmas--I tried to salvage it for the kids--my boys were excited for the Reindeer games...so we did a mini-version.   However, with half the people watching basketball games in the other room and  half the kids playing upstairs,  it was a jumble of ho-hum! 

We tried a few anyway!! 

The Nut-Stacker!
Using only one hand and a candy cane, stack the nuts on top of one another:  3 stacks of 5! 

 They all had different techniques  It was pretty funny to watch!  The grandma's even did--as did one of the aunts--NONE of the Uncles or Grandpa's.  Geez--party-poopers!

Next game: 

Jingle Ball Balance:

Get as many ornaments on the balancing yard stick as you can in one minute!   We only had one ornament break!  It was surprisingly really easy. 

OK--and that's the last of it, that's all we did--1 1/2 games! 
I know--all these games planned and prepped and none of the fun-havers.  
The Cookie Dance: getting a cookie from your forehead to your mouth with no hands. 
The Tree Builder:  stacking cups in a pyramid with one hand.
The Kistle-Toe game:  getting an ornament on the string with the use of a partner and no hands! 
Rudolph's Nose: pom-pom glued to a string, vaseline on the nose, string in the mouth and get the pom-pom on the nose.  

So much fun to be had!!!!
I am determined to do the complete round of Reindeer Games and get great pictures full of people (related or not) smiling and having fun and competing in these awesome games. 


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